Monday, August 31, 2009

All Signs Point to GAME WEEK

You can just feel it in the air, it is GAME WEEK!!!!! Training camp went smooth and quick, and now we have finally reached the week we have been waiting for, game week. Not only can you feel it in the air, but signs all around McKale point to something special about to begin. Students are constantly lined up picking up their Zona Zoo t-shirts, people are in line getting tickets to the game, you can hear the band practicing over on Beardown Field. It seems to be everywhere.

Last week Tim, Benny and myself assigned Trunks to managers that must be packed for each game. The managers were coming in all day working on those trunks. Helmet and Shoulder Pad maintenance is in full swing. You can just tell!!!

We got all the credentials from Event Management and Erick Harper, so that is done. One of the important things is waiting on Coach Stoops and the players to decide what color pant and jersey we are wearing Saturday.

You know it is game week when practice is on lock down:
KGUN 9 is doing a live remote on practice just outside Jiminez Practice Facility:
Head Women's Basketball Coach, Niya Butts (far right), Brandy Manning (middle) talk to Brian Odom during practice:

Jeff Gallego hustles to place ball during Team Run:

Zac Risdon and Michael Barnett RUN their pop up over to post practice area:

Managers carry pop ups over to area for post practice work:

Managers get ready for special teams period minutes before it hits:

Each jugs machine uses its own Honda generator. We use two jugs during special teams:
Mike Reed firing off punts to punt returners during special teams:

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