Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yes, the Team Did Make it to the Alamodome...Sorta

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting for almost a month. I have heard from MANY of you about my lack of posting on this blog. There are many reasons that I have been absent from posting, but none of the reasons are very good ones.

The team did make it to the Alamodome, and we did play the game. It was not the outcome that I had hoped for, or for that matter, NONE of us really expected. The end of our season was very frustrating and quite difficult for many of us in the program.

Those of us inside the program know and understand that our program is in the best shape it has been in a LONG time!!!! I have just completed my 13th season, so I have seen and have been directly involved with our football program for a long time. I can tell all of you this, our program is SOLID!!!!!! Mike Stoops is without a doubt one of the best things that has happened to University of Arizona, and he continues to have this program going in the right direction. All of us inside the program are equally as frustrated as our loyal fans, but we have confidence in what is going on, I just sometimes wished our loyal fans knew what we know and had the same confidence.

I love this team, I love this program, I love this school, and I LOVE Tucson!!!!! When we lose, I hurt like everyone else. Even though the past month has been difficult, the most disappointment has been having to listen to so many people who criticize and question Coach Stoops. NO, he is NOT perfect, but he is without a doubt the BEST person to lead our program!!!!!

I will continue to focus on all the good he has done (academics, character, winning, etc) for this program and continue to work hard for him, his coaches and his players!!!! I already feel better just getting this off of my chest!

I look forward moving on past all of this and to start posting things about our equipment operation. I apologize for sounding off about this, but I have to tell you that I needed to do it in order to move on.

Thanks for all of you that have reached out to me and shared with me how much you enjoy the blog. It really inspires me to become better.

Bear Down