Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great Day in the Equipment Room

Today has been another GREAT day in the equipment room.

It started off with a webinar with the Heery, the architect firm handling our North End Zone project. These guys are the BEST in the business, and we are very fortunate to be able to work with them! We are getting very close to the final drawings for everything in the project. We are extremely excited about the drawings they have for our new equipment room. STAY TUNED!

Then, we had 3 guys from Stahls' visit our equipment room. I have been a very satisfied and loyal customer of Stahls' for about thirty years. They are in Tucson for the NSGA conference being held at the Ventana Canyon Resort. I was able to visit with them at the hotel on Monday evening, and it was a GREAT night for me, as I got to meet Mr. Ted Stahl. The NSGA honored him this week by inducting them into their Hall of Fame. Monday night I asked if they could come by the equipment room for some expert advice. Man, did we ever get that!!!

We have been using one of their Cad Cutters to make our own heat transfer labels and logos, but we have only been using a very small tip of the iceberg in terms of what all it can do for us. The Cad Cutter is one of the best things we have in our room, and today, they made it even more valuable for us!

We mainly use it for making our own numbers and names for our garments (the machine has paid for itself in less than 2 years, many times over!!!), but we have never mastered the 3 color log for our "A" logo. Today, Jason Murphy, National Sales Manager for Stahls', showed Tom Boesel, our very own Stahls' expert, how to do it. As you will see in pictures below, Tom blew it out of the water (as usual).

We are excited that Stahls', led by Jason Murphy, will be leading a workshop on embellishing at our second annual Equipment Clinic on Saturday, June 18, 2011. This will be a workshop that all equipment managers will not want to miss!

Below are some pictures of Tom putting the "A" logo on a pair of shorts:

Tom gets a little help from Dave Wheatley, CSO/Director of Operations, of Stahls'

Tom handles the pressure of an audience like a champ!
First ever 3 color logo, made from our Cad Cutter, hot off the press:

The finished product:

From Left to Right: Wendell, Dave Wheatley, Jaime Flores, and Jason Murphy: