Monday, July 12, 2010

In One Month We Are Practicing at Fort Huachuca!

Well, football practice can't get here soon enough! All of us have been taking some time off this summer, but now we are ready to get this 2010 season started!!!!

I realize I have not blogged much this spring and summer, but it is much harder to write things on a daily basis during the winter/spring and summer. There has been a lot going on, but nothing that interesting.

We have received hundreds of boxes from Nike this summer and we have been busy with that. Once we get all the boxes in the room we have to count everything in by style and size. Then, we create an inventory bar code for every single item and apply it to the item. After that is done, we put the received amount of items in our inventory system and then put the items away. There are thousands of different items that have to be bar coded. Inventory control is essential in this business. We have to be able to account for every single item and where it is and who it goes to.

All the new players are here and working out with Coach Ed along with all of the veteran players. Once again, our coaches did an OUTSTANDING job of recruiting great players, and even better young men! Each of them have been a joy to work with! We have already fit all of them in their new helmets and shoulder pads. The shoes came in last week, so we are now fitting players in their shoes so we will know exactly what we need to issue them next month, or in a few weeks. We can only fit our players with new equipment, but they can not receive the new equipment until after they officially report for fall practice. NCAA rules. All of the new players really pass the "eye test". They ALL look like they are ready to play now. It is exciting!

In the meantime, we are always doing things to get ready for the new season. One of the things we were working on this morning is lettering our new goal post pads for our newly renovated practice facility. We got new goal post on the practice field and new pads for them. Tom Boesel put "WILDCATS" on the two new goal post pads using our Cad Cutter from Stahl's. Tom has become an expert with this Cad Cutter. He probably saved the department over $500 by putting the letters on here in the equipment room. I have always believed in doing as much "in house" work as possible. It not only saves money, but I have always felt that we should have more pride in that type of work than an outside company.

Anyway, below are some pictures of Tom at work with this project. Can't wait to start blogging each day during the upcoming GREAT season!

This is our cad cutter from Stahl's:
Tom has really become a pro with the cad cutter and all that it can do:
Tom and Benny apply the letters to the goal post pad:

Tom used the table in our conference room to layout the letters:

Tom peeling the paper away from the letters now on the goal post pad:

Tom applying pressure to the letters so they stick to the goal post pad:

Tom pressing the letters to the background:

This is what the finished product looks like: