Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Well, the boxes just won't seem to quit coming in! It seems that this year, Nike is sending everything in a two - three week period!!!! One thing about it, no one around here is getting bored.

The last few weeks have been:

Getting more boxes
Counting in boxes
Inventory contents of box
Print out barcodes
Put barcodes on item
Put item away
Getting more boxes
Counting in......you get the picture.

One of the other things keeping us busy this summer has been the late recruiting for men's basketball. With our latest commitment for this upcoming season, it appears this year's class is done!!!!! Great job by Sean Miller and his staff, not to mention Benny and Zac for meeting with each and every recruit. Oh yeah, we are already gettting visits for next year's class. This if FUN.

Did I mention boxes keep coming.

We have had a chance to play some golf. Benny is improving!!!!

Gotta go, Fed Ex just showed up with some boxes.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hazy Summer Dayz

Here it is June 18th and there just is not that much to blog about, unless it is about staff golf.

I guess I could blog about the endless amount of boxes that seem to show up everyday.

Between checking in boxes of gear or adding up strokes on a golf scorecard, there hasn't been much else going on this month.

This week we did welcome some new football players here for voluntary workouts!!! Once again, it appears our coaches did an outstanding job of recruiting great players, and even better people.

Tim, Benny and myself recently played golf atTubac Golf and Resort just south of town. Tubac is where they filmed alot of the movie, Tin Cup. Tubac is easily one of my favorite golf courses in Tucson area. It has so much character! In the past few years they added nine more holes for a total of 27 holes. Mr. Dennis Palmer and his staff have done an INCREDIBLE job of taking good care of that course. Without a doubt, that course is in the best shape of any I have played in a few months! We won't discuss actual scores.

Nike is dropping boxes off at McKale in what seems record fashion. Nice to know we have plenty of time to get things ready. Riddell has also returned all of our reconditioning that we sent off the end of April. Once again, they have done another AWESOME job of reconditioning our gear. Riddell has also sent much of new helmets and shoulder pads.

Maybe next time we go out to golf I can get some pictures of the course and some classic swings from Benny and Tim.

Until then, happy counting!!!!!