Monday, August 17, 2009

Fort Huachuca a HUGE Success

To quote Coach Stoops...."training at Fort Huachuca is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made as Head Coach at Arizona". Words and pictures are not even adequate for explaining how AWESOME this experience is!

There are so many benefits! The players, coaches, trainers, video staff, and equipment staff all seem to gain so much from the experience.

Yes, it is a lot of hard work for EVERYONE, not just the equipment staff. As all of us know, it takes hard work to become champions, and that is what training camp is all about....BUILDING CHAMPIONS!!!!

Team picture after final practice at Fort Huachuca with some of the many hard working people at Fort Huachuca:

This picture indicates what you see every single morning.

Soldiers on the practice field as managers are setting up for morning practice:

Soldiers hard at work each and every single early morning:

Soldiers engaged in combatives on the practice field:

Soldiers gather for combatives:

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