Monday, August 17, 2009


TMAC, one of my favorite places on the entire base!!! TMAC stands for Thunder Mountain Activity Center. Among other things, it is where all the meals were served, other than breakfast before morning workouts. TMAC staffers delivered that to Eifler Gym where we set up locker room.

TMAC is also where all meetings took place. Tim Cummins, our head of Football Video, and his staff did an incredible job of moving his entire operation from Tucson to Fort Huachuca so our coaches were able to teach the players just like they can in their meeting rooms in McKale. Our coaches and players didn't miss a beat in terms of watching video of practice.

The food is ALWAYS incredible at Fort Huachuca. It is very obvious they take a lot of pride in hosting us.

General Custer greets Coach Stoops when the team arrived from Tucson:

Three of the Equipment Room's favorite players (left to right): Devin Ross, Nic Grigsby and Cam Nelson:

Players having dinner at TMAC
Dining hall at TMAC
James Thomas (left in green shirt) headed up the entire effort of us training at Fort Huachuca for the second time. Two of his assistants, Cisco and Tom.

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