Thursday, August 27, 2009

Faculty/Staff Luncheon at McKale

Alixe Holcomb of our marketing department asked me a few weeks ago during the summer if I could come up to one of the weekly luncheons for Faculty and Staff here in McKale. I always enjoy being able to share my passion for football equipment with those that might be interested.

Today we had an awesome group up in the Loshe room of McKale for a luncheon about season tickets for the upcoming season. They had great questions about all of the equipment we brought up for show and tell.

I think they enjoyed being able to handle and get an up close view of all the different pieces of equipment.

Two of UofA's finest were amazed at how shoulder pads had changed since their playing days:
I am showing the group the Riddell IQ helmet. They enjoyed being able to handle each of the different helmets I brought:
Talked to the group about the technology behind the Riddell CPX pads:

Explaining to the group about our jerseys and how we size them:

Showing the group a pair of our practice pants and explaining the difference between practice pants and game pants:

Now showing the group game pants, then passing them around to see the difference in weight:

Talking to the group about our different shoes, and showing them Nike Vapor shoes:

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