Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting Ready

Even though we still don't know in the equipment room which color jersey we will be wearing against Central Michigan, we have decided to get started on completing the red set of jerseys first. Even though 90% of the new jerseys come with the names already on them, there are always new walk ons that need jerseys with their names on their jerseys too.

Tim told me we only have about a dozen or so of each color to get ready, we went to work on getting them ready as if we played this Saturday. Nike makes us new nameplates with the letters sewn on a nameplate of the names of the walk ons, then we sew them on the jersey.

Also, there is usually a new size or two for some of the players who need adjusting on their size we ordered for them. All in all, by doing this exercise, we know game time is right around the corner.

New manager, Jordan Gobel, is already a champion with the Singer sewing machine:

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