Thursday, August 20, 2009

Double Days Today

This morning, the equipment staff reported to work at 6am in order to get ready for this mornings 8am practice over at Rincon.

It was another good workout for the team as we wind down training camp for this season. We will go again this evening over at Rincon, and then once tomorrow morning. Then Saturday we will have a Fan Appreciation Night over at Arizona Stadium with a team scrimmage.

School starts Monday, and that means we will settle down for a 15-16 week grind. Schedules don't change much then, other than maybe during bye weeks.

As you can see by the pictures on this blog, our 15 managers work their tails off! This is without a doubt one of the best group of kids we have had in a few years. They put in many hours over the past couple of weeks, but it has not changed their attitudes at all. If anything, they have gotten better. They seem to get along with one another very well, and that makes things go much smoother.

The new managers have a couple of weeks under their belts and they have picked things up and are going to be outstanding managers!

Willie Salzman snaps the ball to Nick Foles for one on one drills this morning:

Zak Risdon hustles the chutes out for the Secondary's Individual drills:

Jordan Bates and John Landwehr run balls for this mornings Inside Drill:

Benny Conger putting some air in Corey Hall's helmet before practice starts:

Mike Baranowski, freshman from Chicago Illinois, writes down the time of the snap of the ball until the kick of the placekicker:

Mike holding the time on the white board so the video guys can record it for Coach Hammer:

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