Saturday, August 29, 2009

Little Early Morning Work

We got here early this morning for a 9am Saturday morning practice, and while some of the managers are out setting up the field for practice, others are getting some duties done inside in the equipment room. Some of the inside work is simple cleaning and organizing, while a couple of the managers are kicking out player name tags for their overnight travel bags we will be using this coming Friday night. Each player that goes to the hotel gets the use of a small duffel bag for a change of clothes and toiletries. We make the player name tags right here in the equipment room.

Jeff Gallego and Jordan Gobel were given the task of making these this morning before practice. As you can see by the pictures below, they do GREAT WORK!!!!!

We print out sheets of players names and numbers on one of the computers in the equipment room:
Jordan Gobel cutting each nameplate for lamination:
Jordan marking for precise cutting:
Jeff Gallego putting each cut nameplate into a sleeve for lamination:

Equipment Room's laminator at work, laminating player bag tags:
Finished product, Trevin Wade's bag tag:

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