Sunday, August 9, 2009

Managers Run Practice

Student Equipment Managers have many responsibilities, but we have put them into 5 categories: 1) Run Practice 2)Helmet and Shoulder pad maintenance 3) Pack Trunks 4)Inside Equipment Room duties, and 5) Game days

Today's blog is dedicated to the extreme hard work that the managers do each day for practice. As usual, safety is the number one concern for us. We have much stuff that goes out on the field each day, and we have to maneuver it in a way that it NEVER gets in the way where a player can get hurt.

Another big responsibility is making sure practice runs smooth. Each manager needs to be a step ahead of their coach. Managers are to make sure that practice has a proper tempo. Coaches want a smooth rhythm to their practices and managers are suppose to make sure that happens.

During two minute drill they have to run the clock and know the situation and rules so it seems as real as possible for the quarterback and the rest of the players on the field. Coach Stoops runs this drill EVERYDAY and each time there is pressure everywhere, including the mgrs.

We also run the chains on the sidelines so the players are in the habit at looking each play at the down and distance situation, that is in addition to making sure they are ready to fix any of the players equipment when it breaks.

So much goes into running a practice properly. Today's practice was a very nice one. We had no problems out there.

O Line vs. D Line pass rush drill is a fan favorite, and the fans sitting in the visitors section of Salpointe's stadium gets a front row seat.

One of the very important drills that the mgrs do each practice is one that the offensive line manager does everyday. Play Quarterback

Managers get very involved in each of the coach's drills:

John takes the snap and tries to escape the pass rush.

Sophomore, John Landwehr (aka Harry) plays QB for the Offensive Line vs. Defensive Line pass rush drill. Harry is the "meat" for the Defensive Linemen to attack. Nice work Harry!!!!

Jordan Bates is about to snap the ball to Matt Scott. Notice he has another manager right there to help shag the ball and help look for "hazards"

One of the managers responsibilities is to watch the action to see if anything needs to be fixed. Jack Banker holds the Ball on a Stick, that he uses in a drill as the D-Linemen are suppose to watch the ball move instead of listening to the opposing Quarterbacks cadence.

One of the items we bring out each day are garbage cans that Coach Hammerschmidt uses for offensive linemen. Cones are plentiful on a practice field.

Some of the many items that we set out on the field for each practice. These items are ONLY for the Defensive Lineman drills:
Willie Salzman getting ready to snap the ball, while Jeff Gallego is looking for "hazards" on the field:

Managers hustling to the next drill. Just like the players, they have to hurry off to the next assignment. Efficiency is important and we do not want to waist one minute out at practice:

Managers waiting for the quarterbacks to signal for the ball:

Managers snapping the ball to the quarterbacks during a drill:

One of the responsibilities of the mgrs is to make sure any ball that hits the field is picked up immediately so the ball on the ground does not become a "hazard". With 15 mgrs, and when we only have one drill going, the excess mgrs surround the field looking for "hazards":

Managers load and off load this truck every day for practice. As you could see in previous pictures, there is much stuff that goes in and out of this truck. We leave NOTHING out on the field any day.

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Tony Horton said...

Nice description. We had many of theses same duties back in the 1990's when I was a student Eq Mgr for the U of Minnesota football team.