Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to Rincon

Not that I am a Dixie Chicks fan, but their song, "Wide Open Spaces" come to mind every time I walk through the gates of Rincon Fields for practice.

Rincon is a coaches and equipment managers dream kind of practice area! Lots of nice grass and lots of space. Not just space for two fields, but plenty of room off of each field for things like sleds, dummies (NO, not me), ball bags, clocks, chutes, etc......

One of our biggest responsibilities every single practice is watching for hazards on the field. At some locations it becomes a huge challenge, but NOT at Rincon! Sometimes there is no good place to move things, but at Rincon the managers can move things far from players harm.

As you can see in the pictures, and as you can imagine, this becomes a little more work for the managers. We take no chances and have the managers move everything as far as possible from the field that the team is scrimmaging on. Thank goodness we have a top notch group of managers.

Lots of room over at Rincon Fields where we are now practicing this week:
Each year at Rincon, we have a large tent set up for breaks. Also, the trainers use it for treatments during practice, or issues that may come up.

Notice the nice grass at Rincon main field. Erick Harper, the BEST Director of Football Operations, put in new grass on our Stadium Field and had the old turf torn out and put in over at Rincon. Just one of thousands of great decisions made by "Harp":
Wide open spaces!
Jeff Gallego of Tucson Arizona snaps to QB Matt Scott during one on one drills. Mike Barnett ready behind him to shag balls back to Gallego.
Lots of space out a Rincon! Plenty of room for "toys" for the defensive line to use for drills:
Willie Salzman of Palo Alto California and Billy Worthington of Phoenix Arizona push sled out of the way after the Defensive Linemen used it during individual drills:
Mike Baranowski of Chicago Illinois carrying parts of the chutes to the truck:
We use one of our Enterprise 24' trucks as outdoor equipment storage while at Rincon:
Part of each days responsibilities of the managers is to take down the chutes and store away after each practice:
Michael Barnett of New York helping take apart chutes from Rogers Athletics:
Mike Harlow of Idaho Falls Idaho taking apart new chutes from Rogers:


Tony Horton said...

Hi Wendell. It seems that every couple of days the team practices at a different location. Is it like this every year?

azwildcatequipment said...

Yes. In order to save the grass on our everyday practice field, we rotate sites. It also breaks up monotony during the few weeks of camp. Everyone, including the equipment staff, seems to like it this way! Thanks for the question.