Monday, August 24, 2009

2009 Arizona Wildcat Student Football Managers

As mentioned before on this blog, our student managers are very important and critical to the success of our equipment operation for this football team. Tim, Benny and myself feel we have assembled an AWESOME staff for this school year. Each of them play a very important role on this football team.

As we go throughout this season, I plan on highlighting each and everyone of these students and telling much more about them. Today was the first day of class for the students, and the first day in a long time that they were not spending a bunch of hours at McKale getting ready for a practice.

I can not thank these kids enough for their commitment and dedication to the equipment operation and to our football program.

Jack Banker of West Lafayette Indiana:Michael Baranowski of Buffalo Grove Illinois:

Michael Barnett of New City, New York:

Jordan Bates of Orlando Florida:

Ryan Ewalt of El Paso Texas:

Jeff Gallego of Tucson Arizona:

Jordan Gobel of Highland Park Illinois:

Mike Harlow of Idaho Falls Idaho:

Ben Hulka of Winfield Illinois:

John Landwehr of Rancho Murieta California:

Robert Lloyd of Foster City California:
Mike Reed of Alamo California:

Zak Risdon of Mundelein Illinois:

Willie Salzman of Palo Alto California:

Billy Worthington of Scottsdale Arizona:

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