Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moving Day

No practice today, but that doesn't mean we get a day off. Our staff was here bright and early this morning making sure we are properly loaded for Camp Fort Huachuca. We have an extensive checklist for everything we need, and MIGHT need while we are there.

In my thirty plus years of being in this business, I have created quite a travel checklist. Every trip we take it seems we "red ink" something else to add to the checklist. For years I have asked my assistants to write in red ink, so we won't miss seeing it, as to what we needed on that trip that would make things better, then we add it to the master list. So, we always have what we need. If you can stay focused and able to read, you can do this part of the job.

All of us seem very excited about the trip! Two groups of us will leave around noon and get things set up for when the others arrive we can get completely set up. The last two groups will be coming after the laundry bags are clean and dried from lifting sessions during the day. They will load those on the "player bag truck". Those of us leaving early will get chairs set up in the gymnasium, and the "field truck" will go with us and those guys will start off loading onto the field.

Tim Pfennig does a great job each and every day. He is starting his seventh year as one of my assistants, but this year marks his second year as my right hand man, and in charge of day to day operations for football. Here he is making sure every player has a bag for Fort Huachuca, and that everything we will need for camp down there is on the truck:

We take 400 towels to Fort Huachuca for showering. We do laundry everyday while we are there.
After the managers push everything up to the truck, Tim Pfennig is responsible for checking off each player bag, and everything on a checklist that has been established:

Michael Barnett pushing bags through the doors of McKale:
Each player had a bag go into one of the larger blue carts down in the player locker room. They were checked off yesterday after practice into these carts, but they will be checked again!
Zak Risdon takes each bag out of the the big blue cart so we can double check each player definitely has a bag on the truck to Fort Huachuca. You can never check too many times!!!

Willie and Zak put bags back into cart after they yell player name and number to Tim so he can check them off on the checklist:
Ryan Ewalt and Willie Salzman put the cart on the lift:

Willie and Mike Reed make sure cart gets secured on the truck:
Managers hard at work:

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