Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Practice, August 28, 2009

Today we were wrapping up a week of work at Jiminez Practice Facility in preparation for Central Michigan. The team itself really seemed to come together as units this week. You can tell the focus has moved towards game week preparation. The players are still working incredibly hard to have a great season.

The managers continue to work hard too. Tim, Benny and myself spent a lot of time this past week meeting about different duties for everyone for game days. We have an extensive notebook for every home and away game that each of us follow on each game day. Even though our work is nearly the same every game, we still follow a very detailed notebook that has checklist so we do not forget anything, including checking the showers for hot water. The book also lines out in detail each persons duties from the time they arrive to the stadium, to when the team arrives, then during the game, and after the game.

Everyone seems very excited about next week, GAME WEEK!!!! I know I am.

Three of our best: (l to r): Robert Lloyd, Jordan Bates and Michael Barnett running balls during individual period:
Jack Banker putting dummy back in proper place after D Lineman knocks it around:
Donald Horton attacking the dummies set up by managers:

Jordan Gobel, working hard, as usual:
Jordan Gobel pulling a HEAVY dummy in place for D Line work:

Managers setting up dummies for Defensive Line Drill:

Ben Hulka giving Coach Kish a ball during linebacker individual drills:

Ben Hulka shagging balls during linebacker individual drills:

Greatest linebacker coach I have ever worked with, Tim Kish:

Managers running Routes on Air during individual period:

We never take a chance with rain this time of the year. Even the sunniest days can develop into 5 minute down pour, so we bring out coaches rain gear trunk everyday:

Willie Salzman carrying ball bag around during special teams just in case they holler for BALL:

Billy getting dummy turned around after player went through knocking them around:
Defensive Line working hard as usual:

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