Friday, August 21, 2009

Job Well Done!!!!!

To quote Offensive Coordinator Sonny Dykes, "your student managers are a very hard working group of kids". One of the many media members covering us on a daily basis tells me this morning that Michael Barnett, a sophomore manager from New York should win the Hustle Award for anyone, including players, involved with this years camp.

I know I do not say this enough, but we are very fortunate to have the resources available to have such a GREAT group of managers. We ask these kids to be dedicated and committed to the football program just like the players and coaches are. This group has NOT disappointed!! They are a very focused group, and more importantly, they are fun to be around!!!! To me, that is the most important thing. It takes an incredible attitude to do a great job in this business.

This afternoon, the managers are moving everything back over to Jiminez Practice Field where we will do most of our practices for the remainder of the season. Now we look forward to the scrimmage tomorrow evening.

Team's final stretch at Rincon this morning:Willie Salzman, manager from Palo Alto California throwing balls to receivers before practice even starts.
Robert Lloyd helping Nic Grigsby getting better by shooting tennis balls at a high rate of speed using the Lobster Machine.
Robert firing balls to Seth Littrell's players during Special Teams Period:
Managers, Willie Salzman and Mike Baranowski, using the Jugs Machine during Special Teams period, with Coach Edmonds watching over
Managers, Willie Salzman and Mike Baranowski, using the Jugs Machine to shoot balls to Chris Gronkowski during special teams period:
The following three pictures are out of order, but one of the many things we like about Rincon is the fact that we get continual flyovers from the Air Force landing planes at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base here in Tucson.
Huge Jet flying right over our field. This picture does not give the event or size of the plane justice!

Sonny Dykes and his offensive staff have always had their receivers catch behind pipe such as these in the pictures:
Freshman, Terrance Miller, catching balls behind the black poles we made in the equipment room:

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