Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Minute Late Night Work

Well, tonight is one of those super late nights with all the focus on details for tomorrow mornings first practice. While Tim and I head off to a team meeting that starts here in a few minutes, the managers will be loading equipment into each of their players lockers. In the morning, everything they will need for practice will be waiting for them in their locker, including shoes. There are over 300 shoe boxes all over the equipment room right now, each waiting to be loaded into lockers. Each player will have a new pair of cleats, shower sandals, and weightroom workout shoes.

One of the most important things we have to deal with this evening is making sure each of the 105 players are eligible by our director of compliances standards. He and his staff have to do all kinds of paperwork on each kid. One of the ways we try to keep out of trouble is by not putting their equipment in the players locker if they have not cleared all paperwork. This causes us not being able to start too soon.

Also, each manager is going over a checklist of items that have to be loaded into there fanny packs for fixing equipment on the field. Each manager also goes through an extensive training from us on the proper technique to be used. Benny is our guru, so he handles most of the training.

Then, there is checking in (again, using a checklist) our uniforms the guys wore today for video mug shots. They will be washed and put away tonight as well.

Can't wait until tomorrow! 3am will come early in the morning, but we are all excited!!!

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