Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Day for getting Ready

Today is the last for preparation. The managers worked all weekend and throughout the day today to put the finishing touches on the big day tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day the first year players report. Even though we have fit all of them in helmet and shoulder pads, they still have to come by and check in tomorrow for shoes, gloves and everything else they need for the year.

We will have them try on their jerseys with their shoulder pads among other things. Even though all of them have been around most of the summer, it is still exciting to actually kick off the new year.

When we leave work today, the equipment room will be very clean and organized. Tim will have the room set up in stations for each player to come by and choose what style and size they need.

Also, a group of managers have been outside setting up things we need for practice out on the practice fields.

Mainly though, today is all about getting ready for tomorrow. One of the things that have been going on is wearing out our heat transfer machines. We have been numbering each players practice gear using our Stahl's heat transfer machine. Below you will see a couple of the 5 machines that seem to go non stop this time of the year putting numbers on everything from laundry bags to girdles.

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