Friday, August 7, 2009

Tough Day for the Equipment Staff!

Every now and then everyone has a bad day. Well, today was that day for our staff. If something could go wrong, it did.

We just bought two new Honda generators yesterday because of the electrical situation at Salpointe. We kept blowing breakers using some of their electrical outlets, and because we run so many things with electricity, we had to add to our generator inventory.

One of the most important things we do during practice is run the time clocks which controls practice time. That is very important to any football coach. They cannot be worried about time when they are focused on practice and teaching. On top of that, we have two new synchronized clocks (which are AWESOME) that we are still trying to figure out. Thank goodness Head Coach Stoops is a great guy, because every time we turned around the clock was wrong or going down.

Then, to make matters worse, we had helmet issues with a number of players. That is not uncommon on the first day or two, but when you have 7 new managers who are still feeling their way around with drills, clocks and generators going down, it is easy to get frustrated. The good news is that we were probably the only ones out there that even noticed a problem.

Yesterday went so smooth, and then you have days like today. The good news with days like today, it gives you a learning opportunity. I guess you can never have enough power sources. Jugs machines, clocks, music, tennis ball machine, and more, you better have plenty of power. Oh, and did I mention gasoline to run the generators. Well, we learned along time ago, have plenty of gas on hand and top off every generator with gas before every practice. At least we didn't run out of gas! See, we learn from past mistakes.

Tomorrow will be better I feel certain.

Managers, Michael Harlow of Idaho Falls Idaho and Zak Risdon of Chicago Illinois, both Defensive Back managers, discuss drills and responsibilities:John Landwehr, aka Harry, fixes an OL's helmet during Individual drills:

Manager, Ryan Ewalt of El Paso Texas, charts every single Quarterback throw during practice. He then calculates everything and gives to Coach Dykes right after practice:

Manager, Willie Salzman of Palo Alto, snaps the ball to Matt Scott during One on One drill:

David Douglas gets some great coaching from new coach, Garrett Chachere:

Gino Crump has had a couple of good practices! He is a transfer from West Virginia University, by way of Washington D.C.

Conan Amituana and Colin Baxter get after it in one of Coach Bedenbaugh's drill:

Another GREAT crowd of Wildcat fans came out to watch their team practice at 6am:

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