Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of Full Pads

It is getting tougher and tougher to know what to blog about after each practice, but I want to continue to try and report each day. I was very encouraged to receive emails from readers that are enjoying the blog. That definitely keeps me going.

My original idea for the blog was primarily for those interested in maybe becoming a manager and being able to see first hand as possible what exactly we do on a daily basis. I also wanted to feature those that work so hard on the equipment staff. I do hear from student manager's parents from time to time and they seem to enjoy keeping up.

Whatever the reason, I want to continue blogging as much as possible as long as a few are enjoying it. If I am going to do it though, I want to report and blog about things that readers might enjoy. Also, what kind of pictures do readers like. I feel like I do a lot of repeating and I don't want to bore readers either.

One thing I want to make clear, my reason for blogging each day is NOT to report on details of what went on at practice and how it pertains to what we are working on as a team, or team injuries, or anything like that. I feel our media and Sports Information department led by Tom Duddleston and Blair Willis already do a great job. does a tremendous job of that. I want to focus on the behind the scene work.

If anyone that follows this blog would like to email me ( with ideas or what you would like to see more of or less of, that would be GREAT. My priorities will always be the equipment staff and stories about equipment, but things you may want to know more about, I will try to cover.

My laptop is in the shop as I type, but I am hoping it will be ready to go to Fort Huachuca with us so I can keep everyone up to date while we are there.

Thanks again for the very nice comments, and I look forward to hearing from Wildcat fans on what they want more of.

Benny Conger is without a doubt one of the most valuable members of our equipment staff. Here he is pulling a VERY HEAVY Pop Up dummy off of the field.
Michael Baranowski, Freshman from Buffalo Grove, IL, shows a lot of hustle shagging balls from the players and returning to manager running balls for Inside Drill:

Note that the players are in full gear. Today is the first day of full pads practice.
After each practice, the media surround coach and ask questions. Each of them do a great job covering the Wildcats!

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