Monday, August 17, 2009

Mangers Hard at Work Getting Everything Dry

Just wanted to add some pictures of the managers working very hard to get everything dry, from footballs to coaches caps, after the morning practice and ready for the afternoon practice.

While one group worked in the gym all day getting things dry, another group was over at the coin operated laundry mat on base getting everything washed and dried before the afternoon practice. The laundry mat is the only option for us while training on the base. Because we had to use so many towels at morning practice, we wash and dried towels all day.

The good news was we only had one wet practice while we were there, and the better news was that we were able to get everything dried for that next practice. All of the footballs survived the down pour. We brought plenty of fans to help in the process.

Willie Salzman working hard to get ball as dry as possible with dry towel before placing in front of fans:

locker room after the players left after morning's wet practice:

Sophomore, Jack Banker of West Lafayette Indiana drying footballs after wet practice:

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