Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last Day at Salpointe

Today we had a great practice over at Salpointe. I think everyone with the team enjoyed working over there. We got a lot of good work done over there. Now it is off to Fort Huachuca.

When the team buses arrived back to McKale after practice, we had the player's travel bags in front of their lockers with a list taped to their locker that told them everything they need to pack, and what we would pack with us for them while they are at Fort Huachuca. Of course, the managers will double check their drafted players to make sure they (the players) packed properly. We will load up in the morning and take off around noon for Fort Huachuca.

Team buses leave each morning at 5:45am for Salpoint High School. This morning was our last practice over there for this years training camp.
Jeff Gallego helps get the pop ups off of the field:

Willie, hustling as usual, getting the HEAVY pop ups off of the field:

Zak Risdon, another Chicago area manager (we have 4) and new on our staff, hustles getting the chutes off of the field after the individual drill.

Mike Harlow throws balls to the Defensive Backs as they come out of the chutes. Harlow, or Bud Light (dad works for Budweiser in Idaho) as we call him, does a great job with Mark Stoops and the DB's:

Michael Barnett, one of our newest managers and from New York City, has quickly become one of our hardest working, most hustling managers. The coaches and players have already taken note on all of his hustling.

Running Back and Tight End coach, Seth Littrell, has his guys catch tennis balls from the Lobster machine daily. He uses it before, during special teams period, and post practice EVERYDAY:

Benny gets the Lobster ready for guys to work on catching:

Robert Lloyd, sophomore from Bay area in California, loads up balls for the Lobster:

Nic Grigsby working hard on the Lobster during special teams:

Benny firing off tennis balls to Nic Grigsby from the Lobster:

Nic Grigsby putting caught tennis balls in the bucket held by Robert Lloyd:

One of the most important things we take to the field everyday, the Jugs Machine. We use at least two of them every practice. We use them primarily for receivers catching balls, and during special teams we use them to fire off punts to punt returners.

Freshman, Michael Baranowski of Buffalo Grove IL, helps out on the jugs machine. It is important to get as many reps as possible during special teams for receivers:

The managers set up and shoot balls to receivers during special teams each day:

Rob about to catch another ball fired at him from the jugs machine. This drill is done during special teams part of practice.

Rob catches the ball from the jugs machine manned by Willie:

The chutes are one of the most popular piece of equipment that we take to the field each day. We use four of them each day for all the coaches. As you can see in the following pictures, the managers use a lot of outdoor equipment for the Defensive Line:

Players fire out of the chutes once Coach Tuiasosopo "snaps" the ball on the stick:

Managers have stick ball and launch pad ready for Coach Hammerschmidts daily drill:

Players land on the pad after Coach Hammerschmidt pulls the ball on the stick:

New student manager, Billy Worthington of Brophy Prep in Phoenix, is already making impact with the team:

Billy adjust the agile pad before players go through the drill:

Players wait for Billy to snap the ball before they hit the sled:

Brooks Reed attacks Gilman sled after Billy snaps the ball:

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