Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rookies Report

All of the new players for this years team has officially checked in to the equipment room and have been fit with all of their gear! It is another great looking group.

Even though most of them have been here and have been fitted for helmet and shoulder pads, today they all came in and picked out gloves, shoes and anything else they need.

What seems to be a tradition here at UofA, the media is all over the arrival of new players in the equipment room. All 3 local network news stations were here to video and interview me for TV. The local newspaper and websites were here too. Last year, Mike McBride was here to assist us with fitting, and he couldn't believe all the media coverage in the equipment room. He said in all his years at UCLA, he couldn't remember one single media person in their room for first day fitting. Trust me, I get alot of jokes thrown my way with all the coverage.

Defensive Managers: (left to right): Jordan Gobel, Zak Risdon, Michael Harlow, Billy Worthington, Jack Banker, Ben Hulka, Mike Reed.
Offensive Managers: (left to right): John Landwehr, Jordan Bates, Willie Salzman, Ryan Ewalt, Michael Barnett, Robert Lloyd, Jeff Gallego, Michael Baranowski.

Wendell getting interviewed by one of the local news stations:
Player trying on new shoes and photographed by Arizona Daily Star:
Robert Lloyd and Willie Salzman (shoe guru) set up at the shoe station:

Cordarius Golston, freshman linebacker, signing all the papers before he leaves:

Mike Reed and Michael Barnett greet the players as they arrive and show them the gloves:
Benny and his helpers as they fit facemask on the helmets and help adjust helmets:

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