Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Nights are Cookie Night!!!!!

One tradition that started when Coach Stoops arrived.....Cookie night on Tuesdays!!!! The coaches wives work hard on Monday nights making cookies for the players to enjoy after practice on Tuesdays.

There are many one word lines that can describe our Head Coach.....Intense....Genuine....Kind....Tough...but another one is FAMILY. Coach has always stressed family. Cookie Night is just one of many things that he does to include our coaches families in with the team. There are family nights on Sunday evenings, and on and on and on.

I always enjoy watching the interaction with the families and the players. It is a neat atmosphere. Enjoy a few pictures from today's practice:

COOKIES!!!!!Jordan Bates following the offensive script while spotting balls during Team:

Zak Risdon spotting balls during team drills:

Willie Salzman snapping the ball to Matt Scott during One on Ones:

Willie hustling and drying balls if necessary:

Some of our coaches wives and family members:

Coaches family members greet players after practice with cookies:

Coach Stoops being interviewed after practice by local TV station:

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