Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Helmet and Shoulder Pad Maintenance

Every single week during the season, each of our 15 managers come in for a couple of hours and do extensive helmet and shoulder pad maintenance. Tim takes a look at each managers class schedule and then he schedules a time period for them to come in and do the work.

Each week they clean and sanitize the helmet and shoulder pads, then they check for cracks or flaws in both pieces of the equipment. This is a very important duty that they have as part of their job as a manager.

At the beginning of the year, each manager drafts player's from our roster, and then they are responsible for taking care of those players through this maintenance program.

Ben Hulka and Willie Salzman came in this morning on their scheduled time to do weekly maintenance on their player's helmets and shoulder pads:
Ben and Willie bring all of their player's helmets and shoulder pads into the equipment room from the player's lockers each week to maintain safety:
Each manager has a sheet for each of their players that they keep official records of all work done on their players helmet or shoulder pads:

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