Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cats Beat Jacks to go 2-0!!!

First off, let me explain about the past couple of days with no blog update. For awhile now, I have looking at uploading videos with our blog. This past Friday I tried to upload a video tour of the equipment room so some of you could see our set up. I thought it would be a nice change and something you would enjoy.

I had posted a blog Friday afternoon about NAU coming in and what we had done in the equipment room, along with the video. I began the uploading process at about 3pm and by 6pm, when I headed over to Coach Dykes' house for their daughter's birthday party, the video was still uploading. After the party, I headed back to my office to publish the blog, and was STILL uploading.

Well, I decided to go home and come back the next morning and explain everything, and guess what? Yes, it was STILL uploading. It was time to go over to the stadium so I just decided to delete the entire blog. I hate missing a single day of blogging, but there was nothing I could do.

Game days can be tough for blogging too, so I actually went two days in a row. Shame on me!!!

So we all got to the Stadium locker room at 1pm yesterday to get started on all of our duties that have to be done before the team leaves the hotel. To me, there is a huge difference on having things done when the team leaves the hotel, and when the team arrives at the stadium. It is that 15-20 minutes window we have just in case something happens. Something I strongly believe in, especially game days, is not rushing and getting in a hurry. I realize we arrive every early on game days, but I believe that when you get in a hurry, that is when mistakes happen. So we try to work in a relaxed environment.

Last week I mentioned we were a little rusty with our execution. Well, yesterday was pretty much flawless!!!! Tim, Benny and the mangers did an excellent job as usual. We had a little rain during pregame and also during the game, yet Tim had a great game plan with the trunks and the mangers where each coach and staff person had a rain jacket handy at all times, whether in the locker room or on the sideline. Rain is never fun for any one during a game, especially equipment managers.

The team played a great game and we were able to get to 2-0. I know the players and coaches felt they could have done better, but it is always good to get a win!!!!!

I enjoyed getting to visit with George Fox, NAU's equipment manager, before the game. That is always a treat!

Tim Pfenning takes a look at the checklist from our stadium equipment room that the managers use before each game to make sure we have everything properly done before the team leaves the hotel:

Billy Worthington (left), and Ben Hulka working in the locker room before the game:

Zak Risdon seems to enjoy his work with this CPX shoulder pad:

Mike Reed pays very close attention to his work with a player's shoulder pad:

Ben Hulka making sure each locker is properly loaded:

Each Manager works extremely hard to make sure every single helmet is nice and polished:

Two of our Bay Area managers working very hard as usual:
The managers have a long checklist of things that must be done before the team leaves the hotel, and here, Mike Reed checks and tightens all screws on each helmet.

Billy Worthington paying close attention to detail as he cleans a player's shoe:
Willie Salzman helping out by cleaning shoes, which is part of our pregame checklist:

We clean and polish every single players shoes before each game:

Michael Barnett getting David Douglas' shoes nice and polished up:

A look at the locker room before we clean it up and get ready for the team to arrive:
A look at the locker room as we put the finishing touch on each player's locker and right before we take trunks to the field:
Ryan Ewalt takes off for the press box to set up the coaches box with Coach Comm. Ryan has worked with headphones for all three seasons he has been here and is darn good at knowing the system:

A GREAT group of student managers waiting on the sideline for pregame to start as the stadium begins to fill up:
The energetic crowd of over 50,000 was treated to great Mariachi music and dancers. It is my favorite halftime performance every single year!!!!!!

Great halftime action!

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