Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Manager Spotlight, Jordan Bates

Jordan Bates is a Junior at the UofA, from Orlando Florida. This is his second year as a student football equipment manager. Jordan works with the offense during practice each day.

He made his first trip, not counting the bowl game last year, with the football team to Iowa this past weekend. He was right in the middle of the game as he ran our game balls from our sideline.

Jordan was an easy choice for us to make in taking him to Iowa, the first road trip of the year. He may be the most improved manager from last year, if not, he is one of the most improved. From day one last year, he has had a great attitude towards learning to be the best he can be and it has carried over to this year. You could tell when he got to campus the end of July for training camp that he was here to make a difference.

Jordan does not just have a great attitude, but he also has a great work ethic! When on the practice field, or during a game, he is ALWAYS hustling. He is also a great young man! Our family had the privilege of having him as our guest at our house on last Thanksgiving Day. He fit right in with our family. It is very obvious that he appreciative of the opportunity with this job.

Jordan loves Classic Rock music, and his favorite band is Led Zeppelin. He also enjoys older movies and his favorite is Deer Hunter. He really enjoys eating Lobster, and if he could have dinner with one person in the world, dead or alive, it would be John Lennon of the Beatles.

His hobbies are golf, watching movies and just hanging out with friends. Of course his favorite team is the Wildcats, but if not the Wildcats it would be the Boston Red Sox.

One thing is for certain, the day we added Jodan to our student equipment manager staff, we became a much better unit!

One of Jordan's big responsibilities is packing Trunk 6, which is coach's sideline outerwear:What Trunk 6 looks like when you open it up. Each coach has a drawer with items in it:

Jordan double checking one of the coach's drawer:

These are the type of items that go in each coach's drawer for just in case on the sideline:

Jordan closing up Trunk 6 after making sure it is properly loaded:

You can always find Jordan right in the middle of the offense every day, just like this afternoon:

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