Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting Ready for the Lumberjacks

Today we did all of our normal home game Thursday duties. Taped up shoulder pads, packed game uniforms, put out player travel bags and more.

Out at practice, we went through our normal Thursday routine. That means a lot of time with Special Teams. Coach Hammerschmidt is in charge of Special Teams and managers Mike Reed and Jordan Gobel play an important role with each of the different teams within Special Teams.

After a long period of Special Teams, the Offense and Defense split up and focus on all their calls for the game against NAU. Today is normally when you see the coaches and players really start getting focused for the game.

This week has gone very smooth and much of that credit goes to Tim Pfennig who assist me with all the day to day operations with football equipment. Tim does an outstanding job supervising the student managers and everything else that goes with getting a team ready for a game.

We have made some minor adjustments from last week with duties for each of us and I think we will have a much smoother game day, at least that is the plan. Of course we are excited about our good friend, George Fox, equipment managers for NAU Lumberjacks arrival tomorrow. I love visiting with him each time I get the chance. I always seem to learn something new and valuable every single time. He is one of the really good guys in our business, not to mention a great equipment manager too.

Jeff Gallego putting a players number on his new game pants. We have a few new players suiting up this week that didn't suit up last week:
Jeff makes sure each player has jersey, pants and socks for game. We use checklist to make sure each player suiting up has these items. Once in the trunk, the trunk is locked up and the trunk is locked up.
One of our normal visitors for practice is Frank Busch, our head Swimming and Diving coach:

Two of the BEST equipment managers I have ever had the pleasure working with, Tim Pfennig and Benny Conger:

Benny adjusting chinstrap of Herman Hall. We put new game helmets on a few of the players this week and today was a day of proper fitting and adjusting.

Billy Worthington, Benny and Jack Banker adjust the chinstrap of some of the players new game helmets:
Michael Barnett has caught the eye of everyone at practice with his sprinting and hustling at EVERYTHING he does. I have nicknamed him Forrest

Willie and Michael Barnett both hustling as usual:

Mike Baranowski shagging balls for Jeff Gallego during passing drills:

Mike Reed looks over the special teams period. Mike is in charge of all special team operations during practice, in addition to working with Coach Hammerschmidt with Defensive Ends.
Mike and Jordan waiting on special teams period to shift to another area:

Zac Cook, one of our most valuable full time equipment managers helps in so many ways, but his main duty is making sure our uniforms come clean after each game. He is AWESOME!!!!!!

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