Monday, September 21, 2009

Pac 10 Season is Here!!!

Well, the truck arrived back on campus early this morning and at 6am the managers unloaded the player bags and put everything back in the players lockers, and they unloaded all the trunks too.

We spent most of the morning unloading trunks and laundry carts. We got the coaches laundry going so we can pack the trunk for Wednesday evening departure for Corvallis.

Many of the managers spent today doing their players helmet and shoulder pad weekly maintenance, others started working on their trunk packing.

We started practice at about 5:15 this afternoon and got off the field around 6:30. The players spent much of the afternoon going over the Iowa game film and listening to the coaches and their game plan for the Beavers.

This coming Saturday will be the second of three straight road games and the first of 9 straight Pac 10 games. Bob and Bob, our truck drivers do get a couple days of rest before they take off again. At least they get a week off before they have to head off to the Northwest again.

We got a lot of good work done today and the players worked extremely hard today too. I think everyone is excited about the game with the Beavers on Saturday. I know I am!!!!!

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