Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Roadtrip Begins Tonight

I have mentioned time and time again on this blog site about how fortunate I am, and we are, in the equipment room here at UofA. One of our many blessings is how we are able to move our equipment each season.

Horizon Moving, an affiliate of United Van Lines, located here in Tucson is our official mover of the Wildcats. This will be the ninth season that they have driven our equipment everywhere we go. Each year, the number one request I have with the company is making sure we get the same two drivers for every trip. These two men are AWESOME!!! Bob Keith has been with us for each of the nine seasons, and his partner, Bob Caprari has been with us for the last few years. One word describes these two superstars.....DEPENDABLE.

These two men will be at the stadium with their truck when we get there Friday afternoon when arrive. They will leave Iowa City immediately following the game and will arrive back in Tucson on Sunday evening.

Our truck and drivers arrived at 5pm this afternoon to get the journey started:
Sleeping quarters for our two drivers in their tractor:

Tim Pfennig ready with his checklist to make sure every single trunk and other items make it on to the truck:

One of our driver's, Bob Caprari, always ready to lend a hand:

Bob pulls a trainer's card up the ramp and onto the truck:

Mike Reed and Jeff Gallego load a trunk:
Our other driver, Bob Keith, loading some Gatorade coolers:
Willie Salzman pushing trunk to the truck:

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