Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Ready for the Beavers

The minute we landed in Tucson from Iowa, the coaches started getting ready for the Oregon State Beavers. The process for them NEVER stops this time of the year!! They immediately start working on a game plan for the next opponent.

They introduce that to the players on Monday and the coaches and players start right then planning for the Beavers. All week, the majority of practice time is spent with our offense and defense, even special teams, looking at scout players trying to look just like the Beavers. Our scout team players are extremely important part of the team!!!!

The managers must pay attention and do their part to help keep the tempo of practice going, and know exactly where the ball needs to be placed on the field and keep down and distance with the first down chains at all times. By the way, the managers do an outstanding job of doing all of this. They realize the importance of everything and take a great deal of pride in doing a great job.

Coach Frank Buffano oversees the scout team offense, so he goes over things with the two managers that will help with the period:
Here, Coach Buffano holds up a card for the offensive scout team to look at so they can look like the Beavers:
Ben Hulka runs after the ball, trying to help set the tempo for the entire period:

Ben Hulka hustles the ball back to the QB. The QB does not take a direct snap from the scout team center. This assures there are no bad snaps so we can get more reps. The center snaps a "towel ball".

Zak Risdon has notes and scripts so he knows exactly where to place the "towel ball" on the field. The "snap" has to be in the correct place between the hashes.

Here, Andrew McDonald is the scout team QB, and mgr, Ben Hulka hands him the ball:

An important part of the scout team drill is for the defense to know what the down and distance is for each situation. Here, our great group of managers serve as the "chain gang":

They're baaaaaack! After only a few days of rest, the two best truck drivers in the world load up our truck for another long trip:
Truck left last night for Corvallis:

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