Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wildcats Win!!!!!

A win is a WIN!!! It is a good thing that football is decided on the field and scoreboard, and not gymnastic type judges! The team got a win to go to 1-0, but it was no where near a perfect 10 on a judges performance score.

The team seemed in control the entire game, but we just had too many Field Goals, and not enough touchdowns.

Just like we, as the equipment staff, were a little rusty in how we got things done, the players were a little rusty too. I think much of it, from both stand points, can be attributed to newcomers.

Not only did we have a new quarterback leading our team, we had a bunch of new mangers working their first game. Just like the team won the game, we had no major problems, we just were not as smooth as usual. That always makes me a little antsy!!!

The GREAT news is that we have a GREAT staff of student managers and we won the game. Now we just have to do some fine tuning on our duties and checklist and we will be fine.

Below I have added some pictures of our work for the game. Most of the pictures are from our work in the locker room before the team arrived. Each game I will try to feature different task that we do each week before the game. In the pictures, you will see the manages getting the jerseys taped to the shoulder pads. We tape just over 30 players. This is done to keep the jersey from being too lose where the opponents came grab their jerseys.

You may also notice that some players have two jerseys. One on the pads, and the other on a hanger. Because we tape the jersey to the pads, and because coach wants the skill players to go out early for pregame in their jersey with no pads, those skill players have their back up jersey on a hanger, and their other game jersey taped to the pads, ready for the game.

Willie Salzman, Jack Banker and Michael Barnett work in "Over Flow Lockeroom" trying to get players bags unpacked and trying to make room look good?
Managers hard at work getting jerseys pulled and taped to shoulder pads:
John Landwehr, paying very close attention to detail!

Here, John is putting a chin shield on a chinstrap:

Couple of visor wearing managers, Ben Hulka and Billy Worthington working hard:

Mike Harlow pulling a jersey and taping it to the shoulder pads:

Jeff Gallego and Mike Baranowski working hard:
Ryan Ewalt, having some fun:

Jordan Bates and John Landwehr pulling jerseys:

Mike Baranowski and Zak Risdon working on pulling jerseys:

Mike Harlow and Jack Banker getting trunks out of the locker room, and on to the field:
This is how we set up the lockers in our locker room:
More lockers set up, waiting for players to arrive:

Matt Scott and Nic Grigsby's lockers:

This is our home coaches locker room, fully equipped, including television:
Getting ready for kick off:
Every game brings back former players. Here are Marquis Hundley, Willie Tuitama and Darrell Brooks:

Matt Scott warms up right before kick off:

Zona Zoo, as usual, does a fantastic job of energizing our team!!!!!

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