Monday, September 7, 2009

Finishing Off the First Game

Before we get started getting ready for the game with the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks this Saturday, first we have to close the book on the Central Michigan game.

Just like we use checklist to pack for a game, we use the same exact checklist to check items in. For inventory control purposes, and to make sure we get everything back, we check in the players game jerseys, game pants, and game socks. Sometimes players put their game socks in their practice laundry bag after the game instead of putting in sock hamper, so we have to look at the checklist to see who doesn't have socks and then we go get them.

We have to do the same things with coaches clothes. We have to get all their clothes back so we can get them cleaned and packed for the next game. After the game, the coaches walk back to McKale and shower up there. Sometimes they leave a belt or cap in their locker, so we have to use a checklist once again to see what we have to retrieve.

Needless to say, we spend much of a Monday checking in everything on Monday, including towels we provide to the visiting team, which is around 400 towels. We almost never get all of those back! Again, we check the towels in after they are washed and then we fold them and put them in stacks of 20 and then shrink wrap them for next team.

Once we get out to the practice field for practice all the focus shifts for next game. The managers came in to work at 2pm today to get these duties done. Some of the managers had to come in early to do their weekly helmet and shoulder pad maintenance. A few even came in early on their own just to get a jump on their trunks for this week.

Tim Pfennig making changes in the computer of manager duties and checklist. We are always making changes in order to get better:
Michael Barnett using scissors to scrape of facemask markings that the washer and dryer will not remove.
Jordan Gobel scrapping facemask residue off of jerseys:

Zak Risdon doing a great job of folding towels and putting in a stack of twenty:

Most of the managers pitch in to fold visitors towels:

Willie Salzman putting a stack of twenty towels in shrink wrap:

Managers put towels in group of 20 for easy counting. They shrink wrap them too for easy storing.

Billy Worthington applying heat to the shrink wrap for the visitor towels:

Willie Salzman writing down the hang times of kick offs and punts for Coach Hammerschmidt:

Jack Banker throwing ball back to mgr while shagging punts and kickoffs. He was also timing hang time and reporting those times to Willie:

Mike Baranowski hustling the ball back to Jeff Gallego during offensive team run:

Zak Risdon working with Coach Buffano and the scout offense. Placing the ball on the correct hash, or position of the field is extremely important.

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