Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let the Games Begin

Tonight, we will take all of the player travel bags over to Arizona Stadium before we go home. It officially kicks off game weekend.

Starting at 8am in the morning, we will start un-packing bags and getting lockers set up for the game.

Tonight each manager will make sure their drafted players properly packed their travel bag. Once it is properly packed, the manager will put that bag in the big blue hamper. Then the big blue hampers will go on the Enterprise truck along with the equipment trunks we need for home games.

I am really getting excited!!!!!

While we were practicing today, managers put "We Pack/You Pack" notices on the players lockers who are playing in the game this weekend:
Earlier today, managers put tape on 31 players shoulder pads so their jerseys will stay right up next to the pads:
Managers put player travel bags in front of each of the players suiting up this weekend while they were at practice:

All the player bags go in designated blue hamper tonight as the players leave:

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