Monday, September 14, 2009

First Roadtrip of 2009

On Wednesday night, our big equipment truck will leave for Iowa City Iowa. In the meantime, we have a lot of work and preparation to do before then.

The most important thing is properly packing 28 different trunks for the game. These trunks contain everything from office supplies like staplers and pens, to game uniforms. Most of the time we do not have to use most of the stuff we take, but we have it if we ever need it.

We even double pack some items such as hip pads, thigh pads, gloves etc in different trunks. The reason is that before the game we may need those items in the locker room where the players come up and ask for it and those are in inside trunks. Then, during the game, a player may need something right away and instead of having to run inside to get it out of an inside trunk those items are in a sideline trunk.

Organization is crucial. Our travel notebook is critical to follow. If everyone properly uses the checklist there will NEVER be a problem. Obviously, this is one of our most important duties as equipment managers, making sure everyone has exactly what they need to perform to their best ability.

This is a checklist of the individual items that go on the truck Wednesday night to Iowa. Most of these items are trunks and other large items. The pages that follow are individual trunk checklist. Each game has it's own notebook. If you click on the picture, it may enlarge where you can read it???
Michael Barnett not only hustles out on the field, he is also one of our best in the equipment room too!!!! Trunk 3 is very important and has so many different things in it, so it requires someone who pays close attention to detail. We caught Michael even making sure every ink pen he put in the office supply container actually worked before he put it in the container, and we didn't even have to tell him to do that. Now that is paying attention to detail!!!!!!
Trunk 3 takes a great deal of patience and focus, that is why we put one of our best on this trunk.

Tim Pfenning lends some advice and answers questions from Mike Harlow about packing trunk 12.

Because players are in meetings most of Monday afternoons, the managers spend much of the afternoon working in the equipment room. Some pack their trunks, others are busy folding towels from this past weekend game.

This is what the inside of trunk 3 looks like. Each container has its own bin. The reason the containers are leaning is because this trunk was not originally designed to hold containers like this. This trunk used to be a shoe trunk. Instead of spending more money on a new trunk, we just converted it.
This tray goes with trunk 12 which is the responsibility of Mike Harlow. Trunk 12 is a trunk with items for the locker room. You may notice the Black and Decker iron for just in case!

We do know what color jerseys we will be wearing, but we are waiting to find out which pant:

This morning we laminated our own locker nameplates for players and coaches for this weekend:

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