Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tune-up Thursday

With the equipment truck long gone with much of the equipment, the managers and team went through a Thursday workout. The coaches seemed very pleased with the tempo of practice and the focus and attitude of the players.

Half of the practice was devoted to special teams, which is usual Thursday routine. The other half of practice is polishing up on what they have worked hard on from Tuesday and Wednesday.
After practice, the players packed their travel bags with their equipment and the managers doublechecked everything and locked them up in the equipment room. In the morning we will put them in a local equipment truck and then Tom Boesel will drive the truck to the tarmac at the airport and the bags will be loaded underneath our charter plane.

The managers put shoulder pad tape on the players shoulder pads that use tape. We will be at work in the morning, then at 9:45 we leave for the airport for the flight to Cedar Rapids. I will take the camera to Iowa City and hope to be able to blog from there too. If not, I will blog on Sunday with all the news and pictures.

Team always spends a lot of time and focus on Special Teams each Thursday, led by Coach Hammerschmidt:
Michael Barnett and Willie Salzman running team drill the way it is suppose to be run.....hustling:
Willie Salzman, hustling as usual, spotting the ball during offense team drill:

Hard working crew (left to right): Jordan Bates, Michael Barnett and Mike Baranowski:

Michael Barnett gets ready to throw a ball to Willie Salzman after chasing it down:

Michael Barnett, aka: Forrest, chasing down a ball during team offense:
Willie Salzman and Michael Barnett really hustling during team drill today:

Mike Baranowski handing the ball to Willie Salzman during team drill:

Mike Baranowski chasing down balls during team drill earlier today:

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