Friday, September 25, 2009

We Are at Salbasgeon Suites in Corvallis

I was able to get a lot more pictures, but as usual on the road, it takes FOREVER for the pictures to upload. This hotel is even slower than normal, not to mention the air conditioner in my room does not work and they may have to move me. I really hope the trip picks up. It is going on 11pm and there is a restaurant guy in here working on the a/c.

We got everything offloaded into the locker room and we are ready to go in the morning.

Not a great picture, but Tom Boesel and Billy Worthington unload our luggage/equipment truck onto our charter plane for the trip up to Oregon:
Our five managers on the charter flight:
Because the truck leaves Tucson on Wednesday night and we have practice on Thursday, we put the players' equipment bags on the charter with us and hire a truck to pick up our player bags. We have used Rex Myers in Eugene for over 10 years. They are the BEST!

Our local equipment truck leaves after we offload the players' bags:

Golf cart is one of the things we loaded on the truck for this trip so the coaches can get to and from the pressbox quicker. It is a LONG walk from locker room to coaches' box!

Ben Hulka and Ryan Ewalt (second picture), unload equipment from truck into locker room:

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