Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting Ready for the Hawkeyes

This morning we talked to one of the real good guys in the business, Kevin Foor, equipment manager for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Early in the week of a game week we generally talk to opposing equipment managers about details such as arrival times, security, etc. We explained to him that we would land in Cedar Rapids Airport at 4:30, then he let us know about what time we would be arriving at their stadium. He knows this better than us because he knows the details of the unloading of the plane and how long it takes to drive from airport to stadium.

We did a lot more packing today and should be ready in plenty of time for the truck to leave tomorrow night.

We had a GREAT practice today and the team seems to be working very hard and I sensed a little more intensity from the players and coaches too.

I hope to get some good pictures of us loading the truck tomorrow, in the mean time, enjoy a couple of pictures from practice this afternoon.

Brian Odom, assistant strength and conditioning coach, is getting ready for the trip to Iowa. He is our advance guy and is in charge of making sure everything goes smooth on our trip there:
From left to right, Michael Barnett, Willie Salzman and Mike Baranowski carrying these VERY heavy pop up dummies to post practice area for the QB's and WR's:
These three do a great job of representing our staff with all of their hustle:

Jack Banker helping clear the practice field after practice this evening:

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