Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Truck is Headed for Toledo!!!!!

Well, we started work at 6am today so Bob Keith and Bob Caprari could drive our truck to Toledo Ohio this morning. They left McKale this morning around 7am so they could have everything in Toledo when we arrive there this Thursday afternoon.

We got many nice comments from people who saw the truck for the first time. Our linebackers were walking to the football offices EARLY this morning to watch some video of Toledo and they raved about how much they like the look of the truck. I was more excited about them going to watch video on their own before class!

Once again, our mostly veteran staff of student managers provided the knowledge and know how to make this mornings exercise a very smooth operation! We had the truck loaded in less than an hour. I feel like we have the best equipment staff in the world. They are AWESOME!

The trainers showed up early too to get their gear on the truck, and the cheerleaders also showed up with their stuff too. Brian Jefferies, the voice of the Wildcats, always brings his radio equipment to us in the equipment room the day before we load, so all of our fans will be able to hear his broadcast.

A long trip like this is always a little more challenging because the truck has to leave so early. We will have to put a few things in the belly of the plane this Thursday, such as player bags and clean laundry. Also, things like Brian Jeffries radio equipment. He can only send some of the stuff early because he has coaches radio show responsibilities too between now and when we leave. We will have another truck pick us up in Toledo when we arrive to carry our player bags to the stadium.

It seems like football season is officially here now! We are so excited in the equipment room!!!!

Managers started pushing trunks at 6am this morning:

Mike Harlow and Michael Barnett get a little help from Rick Shelley, General Manager for Horizon Moving Systems in Tucson:

Mike Baranowski taking trunks to the truck this morning:

David Bodzin got a taste of loading the truck for a road trip for the first time:
John Landweher pushes a Coach Comm trunk to the truck this morning:

John Landwehr pushes one of Coach Comm trunks on to the truck:
Tim Pfennig carefully checks of each and every trunk and other items in our notebook:

Robert Lloyd and Jordan Bates push trunks early this morning:

Managers pushed all of our trunks to the truck early this morning:
Robert Lloyd pushes a Coach Comm trunk on to the trailer:

Ryan Ewalt pushes a trunk this morning:
Billy Worthington and Ryan Ewalt put one of the many trunks on to the trailer:

Jack Banker pushes a trunk towards the truck this morning:

Nice shot of how nice the truck looks. Horizon Moving Systems did an OUTSTANDING job with the new look of the truck:

Ben Hulka brings a hamper to the truck:

Bob and Bob strap down some trunks after they are on the trailer:

Michael Barnett pushes one of trunks towards the truck this morning:

The Arizona Daily Star sent a photographer early this morning to take pictures. They may put a story or pictures in the morning paper?

Jordan Bates puts some our Coach Comm equipment on to the truck:

Mike Baranowski pushes the kicking net on top of a trunk towards the truck early this morning:

We even take cheerleaders gear on the truck. They will pick up their items from us at the locker room on Friday when they arrive for the game:

David Bodzin pushes empty hamper towards the truck early this morning:

Even though we will take our player bags on the charter plane with us Thursday, we take the big blue hampers for travel bags with us for post game:

Trainers even take sideline fans on the truck:

Jack Banker pushes trunk from McKale towards truck early this morning:

Jack Banker pushes trunk up the ramp and onto the truck:

Mike Reed and Jordan Bates put a larger hamper on the trailer:

Michael Barnett pushes trunk up the ramp and onto the trailer:

Managers getting our coolers on the truck:

Ryan Ewalt with a cooler for the coaches and staff for once we get there in the locker room:

A nice shot of the new looking truck:

Finishing up before they put the locks on all the doors:

Tim and Benny going over last minute stuff and DOUBLE CHECKING before they sign off for Bob and Bob to leave for Toledo:

Bob Keith locking the last lock on the truck before they take off:

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