Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Headed to Fort Huachuca!

Well, today is moving day as we move EVERYTHING to Fort Huachuca for a few days of Training Camp 2010.

All of us are excited about going back to Fort Huachuca for the third year in a row! Yes it is hard work getting everything moved and set up there, but it is very much worth it! The managers do a GREAT job of getting everything ready, then work hard getting it loaded up in our trucks that we take to Fort Huachuca.

Many people ask us why we do not take our big rig to Fort Huachuca instead of numerous Enterprise 24 foot trucks. The reason is that we are constantly moving things around on base at Fort Huachuca and we use the trucks to do that. We use the trucks to haul laundry to a small laundry mat on base. We also use the trucks to store field equipment in. If we had one big semi truck, it would be hard to move around all day everyday. This way just makes much more sense.

We will be having lunch here in the equipment room and then heading over to Fort Huachuca. The team leaves Tucson around 5pm today, so we will have plenty of time to have everything set up when they arrive.

As usual, it may be very hard to keep up with the blog while we are on base. Unless they have added better Internet service in the barracks or gymnasium, it will be very tough to blog like regular while we are there. I will do my best to keep everyone up to date with what is going on while we are there.

Until next time, below are some pictures of us loading up the Enterprise trucks for Fort Huachuca.

Billy Worthington puts one of his players equipment bag into one of the big blue hampers we use to move player bags when we are on the move:

Jordan Bates and Jack Banker get towels ready for our trip to Fort Huachuca:

Robert Lloyd (left) and Jeff Gallego (right) get practice pants loaded into one of our many hampers we will be taking to Fort Huachuca:

Ryan Ewalt and Mike Reed get one of our trunks out of the equipment room so it can go to Fort Huachuca:

Michael Barnett gets the coaches cooler ready with drinks:

Billy Worthington pushes a trunk out of McKale towards the Enterprise truck:

Managers push trunks to the Enterprise truck:

Mike Reed helps Tim with a trunk on the Enterprise truck:

Ben Hulka pushes a coaches trunk out of the equipment room so it can be loaded onto the Enterprise truck:

Ben Hulka (left) and Jack Banker (right) are taking one of our new trunks to the Enterprise truck:

This is one of our Enterprise trucks that we are hauling team equipment to Fort Huachuca today:

David Bodzin pushes a trunk to the Enterprise truck that is headed to Fort Huachuca:

Michael Barnett gets trunk through the doors of McKale:

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