Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everyone is Working Hard

We had a GREAT practice yesterday afternoon in preparation for our first game of the season against the Toledo Rockets of the Mid American Conference. The managers are working very hard, just like the players and coaches.

We had a little bit of last minute trunk packing after practice because our equipment truck was leaving first thing this morning.

We are all getting very excited about our trip to Toledo Ohio. We have heard from many other equipment managers that have visited the Glass Bowl (Toledo's home stadium) in the past, and it appears that we have many challenges ahead of us. The locker room there is incredibly small and will very uncomfortable for everyone. We look forward to the opportunity of making it a smooth visit for our players and coaches!

Mike Reed snapping ball to Nick Foles during passing drills in yesterday's practice:

Billy Worthington, Michael Barnett and Jordan Bates move two heavy pop up dummies after routes on air drill early in practice:

Managers move all the pop up dummies to other field so they are ready for post practice drills for QB's and WR's after practice:

Mike Harlow hustling with Ben Hulka to run middle drill during yesterday's practice at Jiminez Practice Facility:

Ben Hulka hustling during middle drill:

Mike Harlow hustling while running balls during middle drill:
Ben Hulka spotting ball during middle period:

Jordan Gobel and other managers lay out everything during middle and 7 on 7 for special teams period so it is ready to go for Coach Hammerschmidt:

Everything is laid out and ready for scout team members for special teams period:

Jordan and other managers have everything ready for special teams period:

Jordan Gobel hustling as always. She does an OUTSTANDING job with coordinating special teams for practice!

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