Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th

After a long day of two-a-day practices yesterday, and very late night laundry session at the local laundry mat, we were back at it early this morning at 5am! It was a really short night for Benny and the 5 managers that did laundry after last nights practice!

It was really quiet in the gym this morning, with the exception of some Kenny Chesney playing on our sound system. Even the players looked tired and quiet as they got off of the buses this morning and entered the gym.

Once the players started eating breakfast, the mood seemed to liven up a little. This morning we are having only one practice, then this afternoon the players are doing some team building exercises with some soldiers here at Fort Huachuca.

Then, this evening, General Custer is going to address the team at a very nice dinner over at T-Mac. This dinner is always a special treat for our team. The speakers are ALWAYS very good!

We will be back at it early in the morning for a practice here on the post, then we will go into Sierra Vista and have an afternoon scrimmage at Buena High School.

Below are some pictures from this morning here at Fort Huachuca.

Managers work hard to put out all the clean laundry from last nights practice:
Jordan Bates moves large hamper with clean laundry:

Mike Reed puts out clean practice jerseys this morning:

Mike Harlow and David Bodzin put out laundry early this morning:

John Landwehr and Jack Banker help put out clean laundry this morning:

Players enjoy breakfast bright and early this morning at Eifler Gym:

True freshman, Jonathan McKnight, gets some breakfast before practice this morning:
Guys standing in line to be taped gives a good look at to what the back of our camp t-shirts look like this year:

This is what the front of our camp t-shirts look like this year:

Coach Scelfo arrives to Eifler Gym early this morning for practice:

We went full pads this morning for practice:

A beautiful morning for practice this morning at Fort Huachuca.

Mike Harlow hustles during inside drill at this mornings practice:

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