Monday, August 2, 2010

A Little Work, Lots of Play

Yesterday was one of those many GREAT days we have as equipment managers for the Wildcats! We worked yesterday morning, continuing to get the coaches and players ready for practice on Thursday.

We worked until 1pm, and then took 2 vans over to my house for lunch and an afternoon of fun and relaxation. Everyone seemed to have a really good time.

After lunch, most of the managers jumped in the pool. That is when Tim, Benny and I told them that we were going to have a synchronyzed swimming contest. Winning team splits $100. Well, we had 10 of the 15 sign up right away. Tim, Benny, Zac, my wife, and Tim's wife were judges. The winning team named themselves: Phelps Among Tadpoles and they won with a perfect score of 25 (each judge could vote 1 - 5, 5 being the best score). We won't mention names, but one of the teams scored only 8.

We are back at it today and still getting ready for the big day tomorrow! That is when all the new players officially report.

Below are some pictures from yesterday.

Robert Lloyd and Jordan Gobel "weed" the initials on Cad Cutter sheets:
Jordan Gobel gets coaches game shirts ready for initials:
Robert Lloyd puts initials on a pair of coaches slacks:

We just got the slacks back from the tailors and are ready to put the coaches initials on them:

We create our own labels with our Stahl's Cad Cutter:

2010 Equipment Staff for the Arizona Wildcats Football team:

My wife Cindy and I enjoyed having everyone over to the house for food and fun:

The managers didn't know it, but we offered up $100 for the winning synchronyzed swimming contest. We had 5 teams consisting of 10 managers jump at the opportunity. Lots of fun!!!

Tim waiting on the managers if they needed anything:

Zac Cook not only enjoyed lunch with us, his friends and family, but he took a dip in the pool too:

John Landwehr and Ben Hulka enjoy some lunch:

The managers sitting under the tent we had set up in our backyard for lunch:

My awesome wife cooked burgers and hot dogs for everyone:

Some of the managers fixing their plates:

Benny played lifeguard while sitting on the edge of the pool:

Managers tried to create a whirlpool in the swimming pool:

Jordan Bates enjoyed the float, when he could get on:

The hardest working student managers in college football took an afternoon off and enjoyed an afternoon in the pool:

Managers enjoy an afternoon next to the pool:

Mike Reed and Ben Hulka win $100 for First Place in the first ever manager synchronized swimming contest sponsored by RKG Scholarships:

Jeff Gallego wins $500 RKG Bill Hawkins Memorial Scholarship:

Jordan Gobel wins $500 RKG Scholarship for having the highest GPA last school year:

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