Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Class of 2010 Arizona Football Reports Today

Even though we have known these new players since early June, we still enjoyed getting to know them a little better this morning as they went through the equipment room for their equipment for this season.

Today the new players officially reported, and the first thing the schedule had them doing was stop by the equipment room to be fitted for new equipment. Even though we have worked with them through most of the summer on fitting, and almost all of them were fit when they arrived by the Riddell reps, they still came by for last minute instructions and adjustments.

Everything went very smooth and everyone was in and out under 3 hours. Once again, our coaches have done an excellent job of recruiting great players, but even better young men. Our coaches do a GREAT job of bringing in young men with GREAT character. It is easy to see that once again these guys will be a joy to work with!

Tim, Benny and I are headed off to a team meeting with the newcomers. Below are some pictures from this morning.

One of our favorite players, and frequent visitor in the equipment room, Nic Grigsby, helps supervise this mornings festivities with the new players:

Mohammed Usman gets his shoulders measured for a new pair of shoulder pads:

One of the stations for the new players is where they pick out the style and size of gloves they want to wear.

Marquis Flowers picks out a pair of cleats for practice:

Fabbians Ebbele, from Chicago, works with Tim on a new pair of shoulder pads. I nicknamed him "Sears Tower" first time I met him.

"Sears Tower" gets a helmet from Benny. Benny had to use a step stool to get a proper look at things:

Benny fits Jourdon Grandon in a helmet:

Willie Mobley gets a pair of shoulder pads:

Willie Mobley tries on some new cleats:

Tim answers a few questions from some of the media people that were with us all morning:

Tim fits Josh Robbins in a new pair of shoulder pads:

Once the players reported to the equipment room, they start by filling out some important paper work for us:

Josh Robbins picks out a pair of Nike cleats for practice this Thursday morning:

Jonathan McKnight gets a new pair of shoulder pads this morning:

Benny fits Trent Spurgeon in his new helmet:

Tim works with Trent Spurgeon and his new shoulder pads:

Trent Spurgeon tries on Nike cleats:

Carter Lees (red shirt) and Trent Spurgeon (navy shirt) try on new shoes:

Tim adjust new white helmet on Carter Lees this morning:

Arizona Daily Star photographer was here all day snapping pictures of us fitting new players. Here, Tim checks shoulder pads on Carter Lees:

Carter Lees tries on new pair of Nike cleats:

Brandon Blumenfeld and Jeff Gallego make adjustments to new helmets:

Benny adjust and fits Jonathan McKnight in his helmet:

Tim helps Mickey Baucus adjust the straps on his shoulder pads:

Benny fits Mickey Baucus in his new helmet:

Tim works with Austin Hill on his new shoulder pads:

Austin Hill awaits shoulder measurement:

Aiulua Fanene reported today:

Benny fits Fanene in helmet: