Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another GREAT Day

We went a little later than usual this morning for practice. Today we started the official practice at 8am. Since there are no summer classes on Saturdays, we do not have to start at 6:15am as we do on weekdays.

There was a slight drizzle when Tim, Benny and I arrived at Rincon Vista at about 7:30am. Even though practice doesn't start until 8am, there are many things going on for 30 - 45 minutes before stretch. The coaches use that time for teaching type walk thru's, and specialist, such as snappers, punters, kickers, holders, returners use that time to work on their duties as specialist. With that, there are balls flying all over the place, and the managers work their tails off to keep balls from hitting the ground and laying on the ground where balls can become "hazards". It is a critical and busy time for the managers. Many times they are shooting balls from the jugs machines to returners.

Below are some pictures from this mornings session:

The team wore shoulder pads today for the first time. Coach Stoops and the assistant coaches still seem very pleased with the tempo and enthusiasm of practice:

Managers also run chains during certain periods of practice. They have to keep up with down and distance situations that are on the scripts that the coaches give us before practice:

Coach Kish and Coach Stoops visit during practice this morning:

Jordan Gobel does a FANTASTIC job of coordinating all the managers during special team activities:

Ben Hulka hustles after loose ball during pre-practice:

Ben Hulka catches up for punters during pre-practice:

Harlow helps shag balls during pre-practice sessions:

David Bodzin helps place balls for specialist during pre-practice:

Brandon Blumenfeld hustles during pre-practice while all kinds of things are going on:

Brandon Blumenfeld hustles after pre-practice is over:

Michael Barnett shagging punts during pre-practice:

Alex Zendejas puts another through the uprights before practice even started early this morning:

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