Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Scrimmage of the Year

Today was the first day we used newly renovated Jiminez Practice Facility. We now have a very nice full length field with two goal post, plus two field turf fields. By increasing the size of the lot that the facility sat on, we can now have all of this. It is not only very nice, but much safer!

Today, the coaches were able to get alot of really good video of the scrimmage. Everyone seems very excited about where we are at as a team.

This morning after the scrimmage, we started getting ready for Fort Huachuca. The players have packed their equipment bags, and the coaches have packed what they need in their bags too.

We are now using our Fort Huachuca checklist and packing trunks to make sure we everything we need for our trip. Everyone seems very excited about getting there! It is always a great few days spent with the greatest soldiers in the world!

Below are some pictures from this morning.

Coaches use a lot of video each day, but especially during training camp. Here, three camera men on one scissor lift:

Quarterbacks take a snap from the managers before scrimmage:

You can see the new light poles with new and better lighting!

Coach Chachere works with the receivers:

D Line work on the Field Turf:

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