Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nice Morning Practice at the Fort

All of our preparation paid off this morning as we enjoyed our first practice at the Fort. Once again, Tim, Benny and the 15 managers did a tremendous job of preparing our team for a successful camp here at Fort Huachuca.

We arrived at Eifler Gym this morning at 5am to get ready for our 8:15 practice. Every thing went very smooth. Players arrived at around 6:30 for some breakfast. Our trainers also set up in Eifler Gym for taping, so while half of the team is eating some breakfast, the other half is getting taped.

After practice we handed out this years edition of the training camp t-shirt. Tim Pfennig and Julie Turpin at Walt's Distributors did an OUTSTANDING job of designing this years t-shirt. Players and Coaches loved the shirts!

Tim took a group of five to the local laundry mat to do this mornings laundry and we were back at it this afternoon at 3pm for this evenings practice. Once again, we have a GREAT lunch at T-Mac. We are waiting on the team to arrive from meetings right now as I type this blog.

Below are some pictures from this morning.

Players enjoy some breakfast in Eifler Gym before this mornings practice:

Victor Yates enjoys some breakfast at the equipment room this morning:

Erick Harper talks to two of the BEST bus drivers in the entire country!

Matt Scott looks over the breakfast line this morning before practice:

We bring our entire heat press operation to the Fort with us:

Tim helps a player with a hip pad:

Jordan Bates mans the valuables trunk:

One of our new travel trunks:

Benny checks out a helmet before practice:

A view of practice from Eifler Gym:

One of the many great soldiers that watch our practices each day:
Mike Baranowski hustling:

One of America's finest:

Michael Barnett looking at the script to see where next play should be spotted:

This mornings practice from just outside the fence:

Dining hall at T-Mac before today's lunch:

Workers get buffet line ready for today's lunch:

Players watching morning practice in position meetings at T-Mac before lunch:

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