Friday, August 6, 2010

Fantastic Friday Practice

There was much enthusiasm and inspired practice this morning at Rincon Vista for our second practice of Fall Camp!

Once again, the managers did a GREAT job of making sure practice ran smoothly. The players are practicing very hard for helmets only practice. Once again, the new freshmen players showed their talents throughout the entire practice.

The weather was perfect at 6am when Tim blew the horn for the beginning of practice. There is alot of excitement in the air, as many fans were out early this morning, along with all kinds of media outlets there to cover practice.

Coach Stoops and the rest of the coaches seem very happy with the players and their attention to focus and hard work.

Below are some pictures of this mornings practice.

Billy Worthington hustles balls back to managers snapping to qb's:
Coach Stoops plays QB during individual drills with the DB's:
Managers snap the balls to QB's during passing drills:

Managers do a great job of getting the balls snapped to qb's:

Robert Lloyd shagging balls during passing drills:

John Landwehr plays quarterback during O Line individual drills:

Erick Harper (white shirt) is definitely the MVP of training camp. The Arizona Wildcats are very lucky to have him as Director of Football Operations!

Mike Harlow throws balls during DB drills:

Freshman, Aiulua Fanene, getting a quick drink of water:

Newcomer, David Bodzin:

Most Interesting Trainer in the World, Bryce Sorrier (former Georgia Bulldog):

Freshman, Brandon Blumenfeld of Beverly Hills, CA:

Two GREAT Equipment Managers! These two guys have done a fantastic job of getting our team ready for training camp! Benny Conger (red shirt), and Tim Pfennig (gray shirt):

Mike Baranowski hustles during passing drills:

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