Sunday, August 1, 2010

2010 Season Has Officially Started

Yesterday, the Student Managers arrived to work at 9am for their first day of work for the 2010 Football season.

Most of the day was spent on getting all the outside equipment, and the shed that it is stored in, ready for practice which begins this Thursday, August 5. The other half of the managers worked inside the equipment room and spent most of the day issuing each coach their Nike gear for the season. Later today, they will load all the items into the coaches lockers.

Today they are finishing up coaches gear and getting started on their players gear. First thing the managers did yesterday was hold the annual student managers players draft. Each manager drafts about 7-8 players that they will take care of all season. One of the managers duty with their drafted players is to issue them all their gear. That includes putting their number in every single piece of gear, then issuing that gear into the computer inventory system.

We do the draft for a number of reasons, but the main reason is so their is accountability. This way the managers focus more on making sure everything is correct because Tim, Benny and I will know who was responsible for each player and coach.

Later today, all the managers, Tim, Benny and their wives will come over to my house for a cook out and swim in the pool. Also, that is when we will announce the winners of two of our new scholarships that Tim, Benny and I came up with for our staff. One is for the highest GPA from last school year, and the other one is the Bill Hawkins "Hawk" Memorial Scholarship that is in memory of long time Wildcat Equipment Manager, Bill Hawkins. These two scholarships are in addition to the scholarship they already receive from the school.

All of us in the equipment room are VERY EXCITED about the upcoming season, and I am also excited about getting the blog going again on a regular basis. As always, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about anything you would like to ask the equipment manager. My email address is:

Below are some pictures from yesterdays first day on the job for this year.

Mike Reed gets caps ready for the coaches:Robert Lloyd using a checklist to issue caps for the coaches:
Each Manager used a checklist for accuracy:
New Manager, Brandon Blumenfeld from Beverly Hills, CA, working on getting coaches caps ready for their lockers:

Managers use Stahl's heat transfer machine to put coaches initials on their clothes:

Mike Harlow printing coaches initials on coaches clothes:

Jordan Gobel printing initials on a pair of coaches socks:
Jeff Gallego and Mike Harlow printing coaches initials on coaches clothes:

Mike Baranowski and Jordan Gobel working hard on the first day:

Mike Baranowski folding coaches clothes after printing initials on the shirt:

Mike Baranowski getting coaches clothes out of the bag for printing initials:

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